Psychologist / Social Worker / Counsellor

Location: Canberra
Area: All Canberra
Worktype: Full Time
Salary: $53 - $65 per hour

abrs manages a team of professionals which supports individuals and families in the Dept. of Defence, nationally from Canberra. The position is working on a telephone helpline where you will provide support for Defence personnel and their families who are requiring assistance for a range of issues.
The role is based in Deakin, Canberra and has a high degree of complexity and issues which need assistance. The role will entail;  
  • Provide counselling and referral assistance to callers who will require your crisis and no crisis intervention and risk assessment skills.
  • Carry out a range of assessments via the phone and skype
  • Create detailed written reports
  • Undertake various projects relating to a variety of Defence members
  • Refer callers to other services which would be best suited 
  • Work efficiently within a team of professionals , including debriefing and sharing knowledge in order to best support callers 
In order to be considered for this role you need to:
  • be degree qualified in Social Work, Psychology or Counselling (Human Services or Counselling related degree/modules)
  • have demonstrated crisis intervention and risk assessment skills
  • possess excellent communication skills and demonstrated report writing skills.
  • have a minimum of 2 years experience working with clients who have difficulties with Mental Health, Domestic Violence, Grief, Loss or Homelessness
  • be an Australia Citizen
  • A passion and motivated attitude to work
Additional info :
The team is made up of 15-20 experienced professionals who are collaborative and supportive. We are looking for professionals who are able to work in a team, who are self managed and regularly debrief and share knowledge with one another but are able to manage their own work individually too.

If you would like to speak further about the role please call Izzy Cristovao on 02 9218 2352

Contact: 0292182352
Date Posted: 05/02/2021 01:29 PM

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