Professionals who Specialise in Therapeutic Services and Rehabilitation

Our Allied Health team concentrate on those roles which are in the Social Care field of specialisation.  Those professionals who have focused their career on helping children and young people, the vulnerable or elderly, or people with disabilities. They are a special breed of Allied Health professionals who have dedicated their life to bettering others.  


Our team of Allied Health specialists will focus on certain sectors within the social care market and will have a wide network of candidates who are both actively looking and those who are perhaps only willing to pursue opportunities after we approach them.   


Typical roles:

·         Physical Therapists

·         Rehabilitation Specialists

·         Physiotherapists

·         Osteopath

·         Occupational Therapist

·         Speech Therapist

·         Diversional Therapist

·         Department and General Management

·         Policy and Government Liaison 


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