Find exactly the right people

When your success relies on the values and passion of your people, finding the right people is critical.


In the Social Care sector, perhaps more than in any other industry, you need a recruitment agency with a genuine understanding of how things work. Ideally first-hand knowledge and practical, front-line experience.


When you work with abrs, that’s precisely what you get. We are part of a not-for-profit in the Social Care space with 100% of our net revenue being returned to fund programs that assist youth, children and families. We understand the challenges and day-to-day dynamics of workplaces within the sector, and we have an intimate understanding of how to find people best suited to them.


Our specialist teams will be able to work with you from entry level positions through to the CEO. Our staff focus on specific areas of expertise so you know you are working with someone who is specialist in the area they recruit for.


Just as importantly for our clients in the NFP sector, we understand the complexities of NFP salary packaging.


Sectors we recruit for

   ·         Children and Families

   ·         Vulnerable People

   ·         Aged Care

   ·         Disabilities


Specialist roles we recruit for

   ·         Case and Support Work

   ·         Allied Health Specialists

   ·         Mental Health Specialists

   ·         Office and Business Support


Employment solutions

   ·         Permanent

   ·         Temporary/Contract

   ·         Consulting


Need staff?

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